Yoga For Everyone Az

Arizona's premiere yoga festival


March 30, 2019 

9:45 AM 07:00 PM

7380 E Second St,  Civic Center Mall-

Fountain Stage park

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 About Yoga for Everyone AZ   9:45am-7pm 


Our mission is to create an environment of love and respect for everyone while joining together in our passion for yoga.


In connecting our families and friends, we hope to raise awareness of Yoga practices while also giving back to our community thru funds raised during the festival. A portion will go towards free local events offered to children with special needs. We will be donating 25% of fund to different nonprofits each year.

We would like to raise awareness about the importance of giving every child the opportunity to grow up with the skills to handle life's challenges.


 Join us as we enjoy yoga, meditation, workshops, dance flows,

drum circles, live music, and special on-site vendors.


Free give-a-ways every hour with cool stuff like mats, classes and other great gifts.

Must be present to receive.


Come join the fun! 

















Sign in, get your swag, drop your bag, and set up the yoga mats.

We will have Mat and blanket rentals for $5 each, 

supplies are limited.




Main Stage: Breathing workshop (Michelle Lindsey)

Serenity Tent: Beginners Class 

On the Greens: Family yoga class (P. Casey Maples, Acharya Girish Jha) All ages



Main Stage: Workshop ( P. Casey Maples, Acharya Girish Jha)

Serenity Tent: Vision Creation Implementation workshop

 (Jennifer Mathews)

On the Greens: Understanding Energy All ages

(Karen l Cimaglia)  



Main Stage: Gong ceremony (Jere Friedman)

Serenity Tent: Yin class (Tiffany Cramer)

On the Greens: Qi Gong ( Yuri Grevtsev) All ages



Main Stage: Yoga all level flow (P. Casey Maples)

Serenity Tent: Goddess Class (Jennifer Mathews)



Main Stage: Yoga class Mindful flow (Maejima Harumi)

Serenity Tent: Yoga arm balance/flow (Leanna Diane)



Main Stage: Yoga dance flow (Ashleigh Paul)

Serenity Tent: Yoga power class (Leanna Diane)



Drum circle & dance party 

(DJ Ascension & Daniel Hirtz & Ashleigh Paul)


Line Up


Michelle Lindsey


Main Stage 10-11

Michelle will guide us through proper breathing techniques and explain how breath can help back pain, joint issues, pelvic issues, anxiety, and numerous circulatory and respiratory disorders.


Yuri Grevtsev

Qi Gong Instructor


On the Greens 12:15-1:15

Qi Gong acts as a bridge between one's inner world and the outer universe. Once one's energy network is activated, it permeates the entire body on a cellular level, thus healing and rejuvenating organs and tissues.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Yuri became a practitioner of Qigong and Tai Chi at the age of 15, learning from various Chinese teachers. He learned meditation from Buddhist monks while living in Asia. Throughout his career, Yuri has led Qigong and Tai Chi, gentle, therapeutic exercise programs in clinical and recreational settings


Leanna Diane.png

Leanna Diane

Yoga Alliance E-RYT certified Yoga Instructor

Serenity Tent 4-5

Leanna Diane is an Arizona native who has been practicing since 1999.  Leanna’s unique approach to yoga fuses together her backgrounds of dance, gymnastics, and aerial fitness to create unique sequences and dynamic flows. She is experienced in teaching a variety of yoga classes, including Power yoga, Aerial yoga, Wall yoga, SUP yoga, Hatha yoga, Restorative, and Yin yoga.

Jere with Gong.jpeg

Jere Friedman

Gong 2 Heaven

Main Stage 12:30-1:15

Jere will create a unique GONG VORTEX that will envelop body, mind, and spirit in healing and energizing vibrations. Relax and allow the soothing vibration of gongs to take you to a deep level of inner peace and rejuvenation while raising awareness of your Authentic Self and aligning with Universal Truth.

karens pic (2).jpg

Karen I.Cimaglia

KI Healing Art’s, a nonprofit organization


On the Greens 11:15-12

Karen is educated in energy healing modalities from 13 Octave La Ho Chi, Munay-Ki Nine Rites,  and Qi Gong. These forms of energy healing span the globe to include South American, Egyptian, Chinese and more. Karen has also incorporated modern physical fitness as a certified personal trainer into her practice combining ancient knowledge with modern science. Her intuitive abilities guide her with applied thought and an understanding approach to wellness that encompasses all facets’ of healing.

danial hritz.jpg

Daniel Hirtz

Drum Circle

Main Stage 5-6

Enjoy the rhythmic sound of tribal drums, featuring our talented local community.

Ashley pic hooping.jpg




Main Stage 4-5 Also performing with DJ Ascension.

Ashley will teach us a fun sequence of yoga postures, intertwined with creative dance transitions. This practice encourages physical expression and the deepening of the body and self and finding one's edge.


Ashleigh Paul

It Starts with A Spark LLC





Main Stage 2:45-3:45

 Holistic Healing House  Meditation Center.

Harumi utilizes her intensive studies from the different traditions of Kripalu School of Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Prana Flow, Yin Yoga and various styles of Meditation. 

Harumi combined these with knowledge accumulated from world-wide participation and professional training into her classes. 

She has studied meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh, Bhante Sujatha, Roshi Joan Halifax and Jokai Blackwell Sensei and Tenshin Roshi of Yokoji Meditation Center, 

and traveled to many temples and monasteries in Asia and US. Harumi’s teaching philosophy and holistic viewpoint evolved into body-mind connection, 

the cornerstone of her mission to inspire students to promote healthy living.


Maejima Harumi


 Owner of Harumi yoga

Tiffany Cramer.jpg

Serenity Tent 12:15-1:15

Tiffany focuses on calming the body and mind and creates a therapeutic energy healing within oneself. She believes that we are able to overcome any challenge that comes our way but we need to understand ourselves and our body. Join her in a soft relaxing flow combined with light guided meditation and breath work.

Tiffany Cramer



Serenity Tent 11:15-12:00 and 1:30-2:30

Jennifer has taken extensive and intensive immersion courses from Life Power and Inner Vision Yoga. She has been blessed to take numerous workshops from valley wide yoga practitioners.  Jennifer infuses styles of yoga ranging from Astanga, Iyengar, Power/Flow, Yin/Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Partners, Balance of Feminine and Masculine influence in her teachings. 

Jennifer Mathews

200-hour YTT


DJ Ascension is an intuitive, crowd-reading, multi-genre turntablist who uses cutting-edge technology to provide a unique and mind-blowing experience.

D J Ascension

Takes the Main Stage 5-7




Main Stage 11:15-12

On the Green 10:00-11


Acharya Girish Jha 

girish photo.jpg

P. Casey Maples   


Acharya Girish Jha and P. Casey Maple share the same YA accreditation, E-RYT500, YACEP. Girish has 40 plus years and Casey has 20 of guiding others toward peace, happiness, truth, wisdom, and bliss. 


ga ticket

- Access to 6 classes- All Main Stage and On the Greens 

 Limited Spaces to Access Serenity Tents

coupon from partner restaurants

VIP ticket

Access to All Areas - 6 classes with 2-3 options per hour.

- (The center position in front of the Main Stage).

-First choice of Serenity Tent class and Workshops

- Free lunch ($30 ) in partner restaurants 


Event Details


7380 E Second St,  Civic Center Mall-Fountain Stage. Get here

Parking Info:



Become a Vendor

We are currently reviewing vendor applications - please check back in the upcoming weeks for a full listing of vendors and offerings.

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Spaces are limited!

Become a Volunteer

We are actively looking for volunteers for ticketing and wristbands, security, maintenance, and working the information booth.     

Contact to join us!                    

Lynn: 480-939-4422


Frequently Asked Questions

Posso encomendar as jardineiras da linha Workplace sob medida?

Sim. Para maior comodidade, a Vertical Garden fornece alguns blocos e modelos já especificados que se encaixam em diversas configurações e medidas dos atuais mobiliários para escritórios. Porém, como somos fabricantes, podemos confeccionar as floreiras autoirrigáveis da linha Workplace nas medidas ideais para o seu projeto.

Como é feita a fertilização das floreiras auto irrigáveis?

O sistema de adubação é simples. Recomendamos que seja feita a fertilização líquida, foliar ou diretamente no substrato de plantio. Como a umidificação do substrato é feita através de ascensão, não recomendamos a fertilização granular, uma vez que não há regas sobre a superfície do solo de plantio.

Quais as plantas recomendadas para floreiras auto irrigáveis?

Como as jardineiras autoirrigáveis da linha Workplace foram pensadas para o ambiente corporativo, recomendamos a utilização de espécies de sombra (ou meia sombra quando próximo a janelas que recebem no mínimo 4 horas de sol ameno por dia). Na versão com gradil, suporta espécies trepadeiras que criam lindas divisórias naturais. Dentre elas, podemos citar as jibóias, philodendros e hederas.

Uma observação: uma vez que a auto-irrigação mantém uma umidade de solo maior, não recomendamos espécies de pleno sol da linha dos cactos e suculentas.

Há risco de proliferação de mosquitos nos reservatórios de água?

Não. Os reservatórios das floreiras autoirrigáveis são fechados e possuem um pequeno filtro na entrada de água, impedindo, assim, a proliferação do mosquito da dengue e de outras larvas e insetos. O seu interior inacessível.

De quanto em quanto tempo devo encher o reservatório das floreiras auto irrigáveis?

Em média, o reabastecimento de água nos reservatórios da floreira deve ser feito a cada 20 dias. A autonomia do reservatório pode ter variações dependendo de algumas espécies vegetativas que consomem mais ou menos água. Para plena certeza de quando é necessário encher o reservatório, basta verificar o marcador acoplado às floreiras autoirrigáveis.

Como devo fazer a drenagem do vaso auto irrigável Vertical Garden?

Nosso sistema de drenagem passou por diversos testes e pesquisas no campo tecnológico para garantir a umidade necessária do solo. Portanto, não se preocupe em adquirir itens adicionais como manta de drenagem e argila expandida. Todas as nossas floreiras autoirrigáveis acompanham o kit de montagem próprio do nosso sistema de drenagem.

Quais as opções de acabamento disponíveis?

Nossas jardineiras autoirrigáveis possuem acabamento de alta qualidade e refinamento. Utilizamos pintura eletrostática em todas as partes que compõe a floreira, e há uma grande variação de acabamentos, como preto texturizado, preto fosco, branco, champagne, gold rose, titanium, café, corten, entre outros. Para acabamentos em madeira, consulte nosso time de especialista em projetos sob medida.

Qual a diferença da floreira auto irrigável com gradil da Vertical Garden?

A floreira com sistema de gradil garante um melhor desenvolvimento de vegetações trepadeiras que na natureza crescem de baixo para cima (ou seja, não são pendentes vindo do topo das árvores). Por exemplo, uma planta de grande aceitação em ambiente interno como a Jibóia, quando plantada em terra, cresce subindo e tende a apresentar grandes folhas largas e esbeltas. É diferente do cultivo com elemento pendente, que tende a ficar com folhas menores. Diversas outras vegetações vão apresentar um desenvolvimento muito melhor crescendo de vasos do que como pendente.

Como faço para adquirir as floreiras auto irrigáveis da Vertical Garden?

Basta você solicitar cotação no formulário acima e nosso time de consultores enviará a proposta em seu e-mail cadastrado. Caso queira falar diretamente com nossos especialistas em plantscaping, envie um e-mail para . Você também pode entrar em contato através do telefone (11) 4873 2188.


Integrity Life Events

Lynn Bird believes in, educating and promoting the philosophy of yoga to help others maximize the benefits of  their practice.  Yoga for Everyone festivals will donate 50% of it's profits to raising awareness in our local community by providing free events for children with special needs.

Magic Bird Festivals

Roberta Toombs-Rechlin has been coordinating events throughout Arizona since 1989 and takes pride in offering a wide range of vendors with unique products . Magic Bird makes sure that there is always something for everyone.


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